Older Residents Targeted by COVID Scams

Patients in their 90s have received phone calls to say they’ll have COVID vaccinations at home and someone will come to their address on certain times/dates.

No one will be contacted to have their vaccine at home.

You will be contacted directly from your GP practice. We will be contacting our patients via letter, phone or text message only.

If you receive a call the caller will first identify themselves and then explain that we are getting in touch to invite you for a COVID vaccination.

We will then offer you dates and times and explain where the clinic is being held (which won’t be at the GP practice).

We will also offer you a date and time for your second vaccination which will be 21 days later.

We will not ask for any personal data, we won’t ask to visit your house and we will not ask for money.

Sadly, we are aware that there have been phone scams with callers asking for payment for the vaccination.

Be vigilant. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us on 01614 451957.

Again, we must stress that we have had many patients call up enquiring when their vaccinations will be. Please wait until we contact you. The vaccinations are being rolled out in phases, once we hear that the clinic is ready and set up for your specific phase then we will let you know.

Stay safe, DMC.